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Map Products

Full Map Package

Talking Pen & Coded Map

R1200 .00

  • A1 Colour Printed Map Coded with Code Reader Pen
  • Get all the stories narrated to you by this amazing talking pen when you place the pen on the drop pin icons on the coded map.
  •  Courier Delivery Extra Cost

Digital Map Package Tshwane 

Downloadable Digital Online Map

R50 .00

  • Digital Tshwane Map for Mobile and Online Download

Talking Maps

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Talking Maps Instructions


  1. Talking Maps page info

How to use the audio device and coded map

Talking Maps offers you the easiest and most comprehensive information on the big and unique attractions and activities in Tshwane and Pretoria. You can buy our talking pen and coded map packs and use this to listen to all the stories of ALL the top attractions and activities on the map. Its simple to do this just follow the instructions:

  • Go to to watch video instruction on use of Talking Device

  • Or: hold down button (first one) on the talking pen until the light goes on and it bleeps

  • To choose your preferred language place talking pen on top right language block of the map (English or Afrikaans)

  • Then place sharp tip of the talking pen on any attraction drop pin on map you like

  • Listen to your chosen attractions story – you can lift pen from the map once it starts to talk

  • Chose as many attraction stories as you want to listen too

  • When complete depress start/stop button until light goes out

  • The device is battery powered but if you have rechargeable batteries you can charge them through the power cable in your Talking Pen kit

Have fun with your “Talking Maps” travel info pack, its so easy to get info this way. Be sure to go to our website where you can get much more info on any attraction or activity and book any of our attractions and great travel packages online through the payment portal. Our website is – we also offer great packages for Tshwane and Pretoria on our website so look out for these.

You can buy Talking Maps - Digital or Coded printed map with the talking pen

Welcome to Talking Maps where you get really engaging information on travel attractions and activities in the City of Tshwane. Our maps not only give you great visuals of all the attractions with some key info on what they offer, we also deliver narrated voice stories which you listen to with your talking pen. Its easy and fun for you and your families.

You can buy the maps and audio device through our online shop at

Just choose “Taking Maps Tshwane”, fill in your details, make your online payment and we will send you your Talking Map and talking pen to begin your journey in Pretoria and Tshwane.

You can also buy the mobile and digital maps on our website at the same time. Order, pay and we will send you the URL to download the digital map on your mobile or any other device.