Top Attractions & Activities Pretoria & Tshwane



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Printed & Online “Talking Maps”

Easy, fun and novel narrative travel attractions and activities info

Use Talking Maps to find all the top attractions and activities in Pretoria & Tshwane.

·       Talking Maps narrates stories about things you can do in Pretoria

·       Buy your Talking Map & Pen from the mobile site to help guide you in Tshwane

Taking Maps has a vision to transform the travel information industry by delivering info to you travellers in unique, easy and fun ways through “Talking Maps” printed and online platforms. We all love the intrigue and excitement of a using a map to start plotting our journey of exploration as this is where it all begins – Talking Maps tells audio stories of things to do on your journey.

You can go to Talking Maps smart online sites where you can get much more info, choose your activities, make your own mini tour and book and pay for it all on a single mobile platform.